Sunday, 4 November 2012

Final Words

If only I could individually thank each and every one of you who have viewed the blog, I would. Writing this blog has made me so happy and made me feel so involved, but it became too overwhelming to run while I have school work and such. Instead I've found a much more suitable place for me to blog.

I'm now with the team over at

They're a great group of guys, and have welcomed me to their site with arms wide open. I've been with them for about three weeks now and wanted to make sure I was settled in before I made a statement here. 

I'm so stoked to be with their site and I'm absolutely loving it.

Thanks for all the support with this blog, and thanks for all the future support over at

Monday, 15 October 2012

Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time (Ari Leff Remix)

While this one is a little older, this laid back house remix of the pop track works very well.

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Since I went back to school I've been struggling to keep up with the blogging. After a lot of self conflict, I'm deciding to lay off a lot. From now on I'll only be posting the big segments like Mashed Monday, Thursday's Thoughts, Saturday Spotlight and such. It's just become too difficult to keep it all up. Every so often I'll still post a cool track when it comes my way.

Project 46 - Feel The Fire

As Project 46 continues to kill the original songs, Feel The Fire follows suit. This track is a very well produced progressive track, with a lot of musicality in it and a really solid melody.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Jack Beats Ft. Jess Mills – Somebody To Love

Admittedly, I wasn't a big fan of the British duo's Careless EP, but I really dig this new track. Somebody To Love is a funky house track set to drop on December 2nd on their mini album, titled Somebody To Love. Anyway check out the stream for now.

Saturday Spotlight 13- Unicorn Kid

Today I return with Saturday Spotlight and this week take a look at the upcoming UK producer, Unicorn Kid. While he's not all that popular in North America, he's killing it in Great Britain.
Read more after the jump!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Wynter Gordon & Laidback Luke - Dirty Talk (Party Favor Remix)

Party Favor is by far my favourite trap producer on the scene right now. With this giant remix of Wynter Gordon & Laidback Luke's Dirty Talk, he brings a sick trap remix to the table with some dirty synths and of course a sweet drum pattern.

Madeon- European Tour 2012

Madeon's finally embarking on a headlining tour. He'll be testing out the waters this fall by playing a bunch of shows across Europe and the UK. I know there's a lot of tour stuff today, but we'll get to the music in an hour or two!

OWSLA Tour Fall 2012

It's about time these guys just did a tour together. The OWSLA label is my favourite out there and they've all been killing it. With some new additions a North American tour is finally in the works. While most dates will feature different members of the team, they're rolling through a lot of towns, so check it out.

Full Flex Express 2013

Following up the highly successful Full Flex Express tour across Canada last summer, it will be running again this coming summer. It will feature five dates in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver. The lineup is not yet announced but you can more or less be certain Skrillex will headline it, with the rest of the lineup featuring various producers from the OWSLA crew. Tickets go on sale today for $50 until Christmas so grab em quick!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Calvin Harris- 18 Months (Preview)

Calvin Harris has been exploding right now with his giant singles. His full length album drops pretty soon, so here's the full album teaser courtesy of YouTube.

Feed Me & Crystal Fighters - Love Is All I Got

Oh man, this track is incredible. This giant collaboration between Feed Me and Crystal Fighters is nothing short of exceptional. The instrumental is smooth and simple, with a good electro kick with some soul to it. Feed Me does the perfect job of keeping the bass levels lower than usual, which is the perfect vessel for the smooth indie vocals and crisp guitar plucking from Crystal Fighters. This track will be released on Mau5trap and pre-order will be available soon.

Thursday's Thoughts #9

Lady Gaga and Zedd are pretty good friends, they've even toured together a few times, and a big topic of discussion right now is Lady Gaga's vocal cut of Stache from Zedd's album that was released a few days back. 

It's no small secret that Zedd's album Clarity is quite controversial. What I'm talking about is the fact that the album is highly driven by female vocals and really catchy, well produced tunes. Many people have even started to wonder if Zedd will continue as a DJ, or cross over and do more collaborations with pop singers, such as David Guetta has. 

However, with Gaga being one of THE biggest names in pop, it draw a lot of attention to Zedd, who is now under pressure and questioning of whether he want's to become a touring DJ, or a producer for vocalists.

Anyway, below is Gaga's cut of Stache.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Madeon- The City EP

Today we take a look at Madeon's new EP for his latest single, The City. It features two different cuts of The City as well as two cuts of Icarus and a remix of Finale.
Check out the breakdown for more info after the jump!

EDC Orlando Lineup

The team behind EDC is bringing the crazy festival to Orlando, check out the lineup! It looks like on of the best lineups from EDC in a while, so if you're in the Orlando, this is for sure a must see show!

3LAU- Power Haus (Bootleg Pack)

Today I've got a sick bunch of bootlegs from 3LAU. To promote his name and new shows, he formed an email group on facebook titled Power Haus, and basically Blau will be sending out free bootlegs and news from time to time. This first bootleg pack features three unreleased bootlegs from the man himself.

The first one features Calling by Sebastian Ingrosso and Ryan Tedder. While it starts out as the normal track, it quickly escalates and picks up tempo, moving into a heavy trap mix, with some nasty drum patterns.

The second track was featured from a leak earlier this week. Niggas Jump In Paris features the massive anthem, Niggas In Paris and mixes it up in some bassy parts from Dillon Francis and Chuckie, resulting in the filthiest, most bass heavy bootleg I've ever heard from Blau.

The final track on this pack features massive samples from Tiesto, Kaskade and Daft Punk. A massive track, features Maximal Crazy from Tiesto, Move For Me vocals from Kaskade as well as even more samples from Nari & Milani.

Enjoy the bootleg pack, it's a sweet one, also I really suggest signing up for Power Haus, it's a great way to keep up in all things 3LAU. 

Fire Flowerz - Vision

One of the things I love about Fire Flowerz are that they usually slip to the back of my mind, and when I see a new track from them I'm ecstatic. This one, titled Vision, is again a great funky disco track with some catchy chopped vocals.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Adele- Skyfall (Tridium Remix)

I'm not even going to pretend like I'm surprised that remixes for Skyfall are already happening. Tridium clearly got in there before the storm to get this dubstep remix out there. The remix works well, with some snare and cymbal patterns before warping out some synths in the build up to an glitchy dubstep drop.

Eric Prydz – Every Day (Zane Lowe Radio Rip)

I knew I had to post this as soon as I heard it on Zane Lowe's radio show. Ever since Allein I've been happily waiting for Eric Prydz' next track. Finally it's surfaced and it's arrived and maintains the same calibre of production talent as Allein, this track will be well received when it fully releases.

Ellie Goulding- Halcyon (Full Album)

Ellie Goulding is by far my favourite female vocalist. Her voice is so pure and unedited, and the result is a sound unparalleled in my opinion. Asides from being stunningly beautiful her song composition is organic and pure. Also, I'm by no means a lyrical analyst and so this review was actually something I found really challenging, but I loved the album and decided to drive through with it, doing as best as I can, so while it's my first swing at a full lyrical album, and by no means am I a lyrical analyst, so I did my best.
Check out the album after the jump.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Mashed Monday #15

This week we have giant mashups from 3LAU, Kap Slap and 5 & A Dime, check out the mashups of the week after the jump!

Nelly Furtado-Parking Lot (Kill Paris Remix)

This remix of Nelly Furtado's Parking Lot adds some electro soul to the track. Not only is this an official remix but it actually makes me a fan of Nelly Furtado's voice. I've probably listened to Nelly Furtado a few times, but this remix a stunner. Also a perfect track as the seasons are changing.

Skrillex & Damian Marley – Make It Bun Dem (Bro Safari & UFO! Remix)

While I'm starting to get really bored with this track and can no longer bare to even listen to the original, I vow this will be the last remix I post. What made me post this was the fact that actually has some trance in it while still maintaining the epic bass of the tune. I thought it was worth a check, also hit up the free download.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Schedule This Week

Another busy week here, with Canadian Thanksgiving having happened over the weekend, I'm left feeling behind and hectic as usual.

Anyway, tomorrow you'll see the new mashups from 3LAU, 5 & A Dime, as well as Kap Slap, three of the biggest names in mashups right there. Bam.

Tuesday the review of Ellie Goulding's Halcyon will come out.

Wednesday I'll check out Madeon's new EP as well as an exclusive bootleg pack from 3LAU.

Thursday we talk a little bit about Zedd and Lady Gaga.

Friday I catch up on all this craziness and get ready for next week's arrival of Dada Life's album. 

And Saturday I'll be bringing back Saturday Spotlight and take a look at the relatively new (to North America) UK producer, Unicorn Kid.

Adele- Skyfall

When an artist is asked to write the next James Bond theme it's no light task, and with her eerily echoing vocals, Adele does a phenomenal job. Skyfall is very well composed, and with traces of the traditional James Bond theme in there, the track comes together really nicely, between the slow drumkit and the violin, it's a great song to put you in the mood for the new Bond movie. 
Follow this link to iTunes to grab the song!

Submission Sunday- Panzizi

Today we have one of our very first submissions, from a producer based out of Columbus. These two tracks today are from his upcoming album, Ohio Skies. Both tracks here have a really chill electronica style to them with some really inventive drum parts underneath, and while Cherry Pie differs a little and has a more driving beat, they're both really cool tracks and I look forward to hear more from Panzizi in the future. 

Preview: Project 46 & DubVision ft. Donna Lewis - You and I (Pancakes killed the Synthesizer)

Who doesn't love pancake Fridays? This latest one of You And I sounds like it's gonna be something special and also sounds like the beginings of a progressive track as well.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Rihanna- Where Have You Been (Cazzette Remix)

While I feel this track's been over mashed and remixed, apparently Cazzette doesn't as he release a sweet new remix today. This bangin' house remix of the summer track is a solid one.

Preview: Dada Life- Boing Clash Boom

As The Rules of Dada draws near, the duo have decided to release a little teaser of the track Boing Clash Boom, check it out, and make sure to come back on October 17th for the full album review!

Teaser: Seven Lions EP

This upcoming EP from Seven Lions sounds pretty sweet. It will be released on October 16th and it sounds like a really solid EP and from it has chill, dubstep sounds. Check out the video teaser as well as a track from the EP. Days to Come has a sound similar to that of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child (Promise Land Remix)

While I've already stated my opinion on these remixes, here's another one. This time from Promise Land, he doesn't really bring enough to the table in my opinion, resulting in a pretty weak remix. Sorry for calling Promise Lands out on it, but I'm not gonna let such a big screw up of a nice track slip by.

Sub Focus- Tidal Wave' feat. Alpines (Chuckie remix)

Today we've got another remix from the Sub Focus' new EP. This one from Chuckie, he takes the track and slows it down a little, before bringing in a funky drop with harmonising synth patterns.

Pretty Lights - So Bright

Pretty Lights has been killing it all summer, and now it seems he's finally slowing down to take some time out for production. So Bright takes that great sound of his with the faded, scratchy vocals and Pretty Lights produces a great, chilled out beat. Overall a great track to start off the day.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris - Iron (Dyro remix)

Iron was one of my favourite collaborations of the Summer, and Dyro has been doing a great job of remixes lately, especially with the latest one for Dada Life. Anyway, the clip cuts right to the vocals of the original and builds up quickly and right into a hard, electro house drop. The remix is set to release soon on Nicky Romero's label.

Bingo Players - When I Dip (Mats Gulbrandsen Bootleg)

Today I've got a dirty dutch house remix from Mats Gulbrandsen, he took Bingo Players' When I Dip and revamped the track around dutch house. The track turns out pretty well and is a perfect track to fistpump to.

Birthday Bash (October Mix)

Today is my birthday so I thought I'd release a mix with a bunch of tracks I've been jamming to as of late. I had hoped to release and EP but between School, creative block, and writing lengthy album reviews, it didn't happen, but one is on it's way!
Enjoy the mix,

Thursday's Thoughts #8 (One Last Paycheck)

I've been thinking a lot about Swedish House Mafia's tour over the last week. While it's been a major topic of discussion I think that it's a little shameful as to what they're doing. What I mean is their price tickets. Their tickets were really overpriced in most cases and while I respect the fact that most of their shows are open to all ages, I think they're taking advantage of the whole "farewell" business  Don't get me wrong, I've had my skeptisms with Swedish House Mafia but I still do adore them. I think their merchandise are over priced, their tickets were all overpriced and the whole Until Now album is a joke. Considering their attack on Hardwell for "selling out material for a few facebook likes", they're in no position to criticise considering that they'll make tons of money on Until Now when it really doesn't have that much of their stuff in it. I want to make myself again clear, I love Swedish House Mafia, I've pre-ordered Until Now, I've bought my tickets to see them in Toronto, and I'm considering buying tickets for the other Toronto date as well, they're great producers, brilliant DJs and they'll be sorely missed as an ensemble. However, it's always necessary to keep an open view and step back to observe from a distance and general view every once in a while.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child (Tom Staar & Kryder Remix)

While there's nothing wrong with this remix, I'm just not satisfied. I personally feel that a track of this calibre and with so much meaning and emotion as a farewell track, shouldn't be remixed. I don't care if it's an official remix or a bedroom bootleg, it shouldn't be done.

Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas Vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Phat Brahms

Oh how many rips I've heard of this track over the last two months. This track was not only featured in the Tomorrowland 2012 video but has been making appearances at summer festivals worldwide. Yesterday we finally got the track for purchase. This electro house track builds up softly with a nice few riffs and is a great collaboration from all these guys. You can head here over to iTunes to pick up the track.

Also check out the latest edition of Aoki's YouTube series, On The Road, this latest edition takes you inside the main leg of his European Summer adventures as well as a plethora of samples from brilliant new tracks.

Kanye West- Mercy (No Pets Allowed)

I've been waiting for this one for a few weeks now. While most people have taken the trap route on remixing Mercy, this one from No Pets Allowed is a giant, laser-filled, bass smacking dubstep remix that is the best remix I've heard of Mercy and I like it more than the original.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

MONSTA - Holdin' On (Skrillex and Nero Remix)

After just having signed to OWSLA, Monsta is releasing an EP on October 23rd, titles Monsta. The EP will feature three original tracks from Monsta as well as a remix of each of the tracks. This remix of Holdin' On gets a nasty remix from Skrillex and Nero. The two make a killer combo which brings together a pretty hard mix.
Pre-order the EP on iTunes here.

Steerner - Friends

Steerner is a less common name, but man does this guy kill it. His latest track Friends, is a brilliant house track with some nice progression. If you're not already tracking this guy some way, do it now. Many fellow bloggers are already naming this track the next Levels, and I think that's pretty accurate. While the track has much more production value than Levels, I certainly see it as a huge record over the next few months.
No download available yet.

Zedd- Clarity (Full Album)

Zedd's Clarity has been a long time in the works. While he's released the occasional club track, this is his first real endeavour into a full album so to say. Clarity is nothing but spectacular and full of incredible tracks. I guarantee you don't want to miss this one so check out the breakdown after the jump.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Lana Del Ray – Video Games (Sugar Mill Remix)

While it's mutual between bloggers that Lana Del Ray is far, far too over remixed, this elecro remix from Sugar Mill stands out. Video Games on it's own did nothing for me but I'm loving this remix from the Milwaukee duo.

Rockie Fresh – You A Lie (CRNKN X Branchez Trap Remix)

This trap remix works well with the original rhymes and the remix from CRNKN and Brachez is a nice trap mix to start off the week.

Mashed Monday #14

Today we've got the latest two from Luune, also with a new vocal edit from 3LAU as well as mashups from more upcoming producers! 
Check out the latest mashups after the jump!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

J. Cole x Major Lazer - Get Free ColeWorld

There's no doubt J Cole is killing it right now and this track just proves the point. This chill hip-hop has a mellow underlying beat that comes together really nicely.

KOAN Sound - Eastern Thug (Plesk Remix)

Rarely do you find a remix better than the original, but I think I've done it's been done this time. Plesk's remix of Eastern Thug far surpasses the Neosignal remix on their EP. Considering the guy had no stems to work with, this remix is phenomenal.

Schedule This Week

This week is we've got a sweet edition of Mashed Monday tomorrow, got Zedd's Clarity which drops on Tuesday! I've been so excited for this album for a few months now, so look for the review on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how long it takes me to dissect the album. 

Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing (Tiesto Remix)

I first heard this one a few weeks back on Annie Mac's radio show, but I couldn't find a decent rip of it until now. Sweet Nothing is set to release on Calvin Harris' album later this October and while this remix doesn't top the original, it still has that Tiesto sound to it and overall is a solid remix.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Nero- Won't You (Be There)

This free new dubstep track from Nero leaves tell tale signs that Nero is starting work on the follow up to last year's Welcome Reality. Won't You (Be There) starts out with wavy synths then screaming vocals that build up to a massive Nero drop with some great beats.

Avicii feat. Mike Posner – Stay With You

Today we've got a new track from Avicii. This time he brings in Mike Posner for the vocals and gives us a nice progressive track.

Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl - "In My Mind" (CHANGE Bootleg)

This new bootleg from Change is my favourite track from him to date! He takes In My Mind and adds some descending pentatonic synth lines over the drop, making it all new and shiny again.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Max Vangeli & AN21 - Bombs Over Capitals (Clark Kent Remix)

Bombs Over Capitals was one of the better tracks featured on People of the Night. And here we've got a big remix of the track from Clark Kent. The track maintains a similar build up and then drops into a nice dubstep track that's not disgustingly filthy but not too weak. Over all a great remix.

Kimbra, A-Trak, Mark Foster - Warrior (Ruby The Martian Remix)

Since he released the Spectrum remix, I've anxoiusly been awaiting his next work. And today we have a remix of Warrior. The track maintains the space pioneer sounds of Ruby The Martian while keeping the melodies of the original closely knit together.

One Last Tour

Today tickets went on sale for Swedish House Mafia, you can buy them here. The trio have added extra dates in Amsterdam and NYC due to sell outs. A last minute change to the age restriction in their Toronto show means that I'm headed to see them in February.


Many more tour dates have been added due to near instant sell outs, so check the site if you didn't have much luck first time round. 

Sub Focus- Tidal Wave feat. Alpines (Flosstradamus Remix)

This remix of Sub Focus' upcoming single, Tidal Waves is a giant trap remix, that fit's in nicely with the original cut of the track. The trap sounds work with the hook and all in all another successful remix from Flosstradamus. 
The full EP drops on the 11th of November.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

KOAN Sound- Introvert (Vexisle Remix)

While there wasn't a remix of Introvert on their EP, KOAN Sound posted this remix of the track up on their SoundCloud recently. The original track was pretty unique and different from the usual KOAN Sound, but this remix takes it one step farther with some brilliant spins and adds to the track really nicely. Although the track says buy, it's a free download.

Size In The Park (Live Sets)

This past weekend in NYC was Size In The Park. Led by Steve Angello, today I've got sets from Steve, AN21 & Max Vangelli as well as Third Party. They all threw down some massive sets, so be sure to check it all out after the jump!

Thursday's Thoughts #7

This week we take a look at One Last Tour, and the retiring of The EDM Snob. 
Read it all after the jump.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Adele vs. Daft Punk- Something About The Fire (Carlos Serrano Mix)

This mashup was released quite a few months back, but man is it still one of the best mashups I've ever heard. Something About The Fire take's Daft Punk's love song and Adele's hit and mashes them together. The music video for this one recently dropped and boy is it a good one.
Also watch for Serrano's latest bootleg next Mashed Monday!

Justice - Stress (Dj Snake x Alesia Trap Vision)

Anyone who tries to remix a track from Daft Punk, Justice or Madeon takes a massive weight on their shoulders, this remix of Stress is a giant trap remix that works out and sounds like a well composed tune. 

Skrillex- Make It Bun Dem (Remix Post)

With the Beatport competition in full swing, it's pretty much counter productive to post remixes indivudually, so here we go on the full post of remixes for Make It Bun Dem. The sad part is that every single remix in this post is better than any of the remix on the official remix EP, kinda sad... 
It took quite a while for me and Hartley to sift through Beatport and SoundCloud to find these, and there are probably better ones out there, but these ones stood out to us in particular.
Check out all the epic remixes after the jump!

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom - One And Only (R3hab Remix)

It seems that R3HAB is pouring out remixes right now and this one of Cherry Cherry Boom Boom's One and Only is a solid electro house. It builds up with some solid catchy vocals and has a nice underlying synth.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mord Fustang - Champloo

Mord Fustang is finally back to pumping out tunes. This crazy dubstep track, titled Champloo drops it hard with some glitch step elements to it. The tracks only available for streaming but still worth a check.

Avicii - Fade Into Darkness (Jakob Liedholm's Summerbreak Remix)

Here we have another remix preview from Jakob Liedholm and today he's got the teaser for an official remix of Fade Into Darkness. The remix sounds like it's gonna be another epic progressive house remix from him and I can't wait.

Deadmau5- >album title goes here< (Full Album)

Well, here it is, the highly anticipated Deadmau5 album. My full review of the album is also ready and here it is. Since 4x4=12 I've been anxiously awaiting the next and although the album was leaked last Thursday, today we get the final copy.
Read the full post after the jump for the track by track breakdown.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash – Reload

When I saw this one I was intrigued to hear what Sweden and Australia's bests could come up with. When I heard the track, I realized I'd heard a few rips of it before.
Nonetheless this collaboration has some great elements. I can't stress enough how huge of a record this is going to be over the coming months. You'll be hearing much more of this track and it's my pick of the week!

Mashed Monday #13

This week we have new tunes from Cast Away, 5 & A Dime, SYNTEX, and more!
Check out the mashups of the weak after the jump!

Madeon- The City (Music Video)

This morning the music video for The City dropped. While we got the preview a little while ago, the full thing is finally here. The City EP drops pretty soon so look out for that!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Schedule This Week

I've got quite a few big posts coming your way this week. 
On Monday we've got some of the best mashups we've had in a while for Mashed Monday. Tuesday you'll see my review of the long awaited new Deadmau5 album.
Wednesday I'll be putting out a massive post on the remix contest for Make It Bun Dem.
On Thursday we get three full sets from Size In The Park this past weekend with Steve Angello and more.

Also over the next while I'll be reviewing some albums and EPs including Zedd's Clarity on October 2nd, Ellie Goulding's Halcyon on October 9th, Madeon's new EP on October 8th, Dada Life's Rules of Dada, Calvin Harris' long awaited album and eventually Dillon Francis' EP.

Alex Clare – Too Close (with Diplo & Cazzette)

Here we have ANOTHER track produced by Diplo, who brought out a track just a few days ago called About That life. This time, it was made for Alex Clare, a singer. Although it isn't heavy bass or good beats the whole way through, there is a very driving rhythm and a nice dubstep part near the end.

Also included in this post is a nicely done remix by Cazzette, who adds a lot of energy to the track. Its very hard to say which one I like better because they differ, but in good ways: One with a more organic beat most of the way through, and the other with a much more digital-electro feel.

Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch

While the track isn't yet released for purchase, it will be on Calvin Harris' album which is set to release mid October. The music video really speaks for itself here and with great vocals from Florence (Florence & The Machine) this track comes together quite nicely.

Saturday, 22 September 2012


Kinda dropped the ball today, no Saturday Spotlight and I ran out of music to share tonight.

Niggas Jump in Paris (3LAU Bootleg) (Leak)

Today we have a possible leaked bootleg from 3LAU. While this one is quite far on the heavy side for something I'd expect from 3LAU, it sounds like his style. This bootleg takes the anthem, Niggas In Paris and puts some heavy dubstep track over it. 

Friday, 21 September 2012

Condom Star (3LAU Tribute)

If you can't tell, this is a joke, and possibly one of the funniest I've seen. 3LAU decided to take just about every shitty song out there and make a tribute to all the douchebags.
Hope you get a laugh outta this.

Vaski - Insane ft. Ava

This track from Vaski is a seriously intense dubstep track. While I usually find that dubstep and vocals don't go too well together, this one works seamlessly and with help from Ava, Vaski turns this heavy, pop influenced dubstep instrumental into a great track.

Diplo- About That Life feat. Jahan Lennon

If you follow Diplo on Twitter then you know that the man never, ever sleeps. With one of the busiest touring schedules out there, I'm truly impressed that he had time to release this track. About That Life is a trippy track that is majorly psychedelic. The track is pretty sweet and before long you'll be listening to it over and over again.

Birdy Nam Nam & Skrillex- Goin In (Whiiite Remix)

While I wasn't a fan of the original, Goin In was still a great remix from Skrillex, and today Whiiite is remixing the remix, inception.
Anyway, this is a pretty heavy moobathon remix that moves along well and has a solid beat and lots of bass.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dada Life- The Rules of Dada (album announcement)

Dada Life finally announced their album today. The big one that they've been working on for over a year. The Rules of Dada is set to drop on October 16th and is available for pre order here on iTunes. Be sure to check back then for a full album review.

Kaskade- Llove (Dada Life Remix)

This remix is long overdue. Leaked back in the Spring at EDC, the remix was finally released today after it was pushed back. You can now delete all your live rips, the full thing is here! Dada Life gave this track an interesting new perspective with a big drop and some hard house beats.
Head over to Beatport to buy the track or download the live rip below.

Afrojack - Annie's Theme (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)

Just a week after blowing our minds with the remix of Hardwell's Spaceman, this week Carnage takes on another legendary Dutch producer and takes Annie's Theme and traps it out. Not much else to say here but RRUUN DA TRAAAAAAP.

Thursday's Thoughts #6

It all started last Friday night. Plans to chill with my buds fell through, so I took the blogosphere, searching for new tracks. Once I'd finished with that, I decided I'd finally check out Songza, the new playlist service I'd been hearing about all week. For those of you who don't know, Songza is a service that makes playlists for just about any activity, mood, etc. While it's a nifty service, I almost feel like it takes away from the fun of scouring SoundCloud and blogs, searching for your tracks and making your own playlist or even a mix. What I'm getting at is one of the things I love doing is making playlists and picking individual tracks for different moods. Songza just takes away that whole process and fun.
That really got me thinking...

Some may argue that they don't have time to sift through the internet and make playlists or mixes. The way I see it, if you don't have time to really give some attention to what you're listening to then you shouldn't be listening to music at all. Music shouldn't be played in the background, it should be what you're doing overall. Now while I myself play music in the background all the time, while doing chores, or exercising etc. What I'm getting at is that Songza kills a major part of music appreciation and listening. Even if you're looking for music to party to, you still have to appreciate the music, and I feel that you can't do that if you're just letting a computer do it all for you. Now while Songza's playlists are formulated by musicians and DJs, it still defeats the purpose. 

While I still thing Songza is a phenomenal service, it just takes away all the fun I have finding my music and making playlists. It does both at the same time instantly...

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Thank You

The blog here just hit 3000 page views. Considering the site has only been up since late May, I really couldn't ask for more. The blog has mainly been spread around by myself and my circle of friends, so for me to hit over 3000 it means a lot. Last month alone we had 1500 hits and this month already we've had 900.

Here's to the next 3000.

Manic Focus- We Won't Land

This new track from Manic Focus is my favourite from him so far. We Won't land is a track with some deep electro and a southern-soul feel. The track is only available for stream, but still worth the listen nonetheless.

Kill the Noise & Datsik - Lightspeed Remixes

Last week the OWSLA label reached it's one year birthday, and to celebrate they released a remix EP of Lightspeed by KTN and Datsik. I remember when Porter Robinson's Spitfire dropped last year to mark the first release on the label, that album was one of the best. OWSLA has some of the biggest names out there including Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Zedd, and many more.
Their label has come a long way and welcomed many new faces to their family of "dogs".
Check out the EP for some sweet remixes including Zane Lowe, Plastician, and my personal favourite, the M-Machine's remix.

Fire Flowerz- Minimize Podcast #1

I recently said that FIre Flowerz were becoming an obsession of mine and this just fuels the fire. Their new eleven minute podcast features some killer disco and french-pop. With some Madeon, A-Trak and Boys Noize in there it's a great podcast.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Zedd - Clarity (Album Teaser)

As October 2nd draws closer, Zedd released a teaser for Clarity earlier today. The teaser is freaking incredible. He samples a track that builds up perfectly but he cuts it off just before the drop. If you check out the YouTube top comment, someone puts it well, "this is like a 16 year old girl teasing you, and when she's about to take off her bra, she sprays you eyes with pepperspray..."
The album drops on October 2nd so get hyped for what will be close to, if not the best album of the year.

A-Trak- Electric Zoo Set

A-Trak is a great DJ for many reasons. Not only is he a god on the turntables, but his techno and electro beats are freakin' amazing. This guy has got it all goin' on right now. Be sure to check out his Electric Zoo set.

3LAU- 3LAU HAUS 6 & 3LAU Your Mind Tour Dates

This month's edition of 3LAU HAUS features part of Blau's set from Electric Zoo. Packed with some snippets of new bootlegs in there, this is once again a phenomenal podcast from Blau.

Also, the next wave of Blau's current tour was announced alongside the podcast. Quite a few dates have been added and if he's in your area, get tickets. Blau's performances are getting crazier and crazier, also part of the ticket fee is donated to Pencils of Promise so you're supporting an awesome cause too!

Swedish House Mafia- Until Now (Announcement)

Yesterday afternoon Swedish House Mafia announced the soundtrack for their farewell tour, titled #OneLastTour. While the tour dates are not yet announced, the UK will not be included in that tour as the final UK show was the Milton Keynes Bowl. The soundtrack slowly materialised on their site yesterday and it feature some great tunes from over the last few months. The soundtrack will be available for pre-order on September 25th and will be released worldwide from the 19th to 24th of October.

Check out the tracklist for the soundtrack album over at SHM's site!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Frank Ocean- Pyramid (Music Video)

Frank Ocean's Pyramid is such an unbelievable track, and the video follows suit. With some actual meaning and the same director from Kanye's Mercy, this video is the perfect synthesis of so many elements.

Daft Punk – Something About Us (95 Royale Drum and Bass Remix)

Remixing something as legendary as a Daft Punk track is a very bold move. When I saw this one I was unbelievably sceptical when I hit play. The result was a valiant attempt. While the remix falls a little short of where it could be, the track is still undeniably a nice refresher of Something About Us. You can argue either way, but I like it and it has a great buzz about it.

Mashed Monday #12

This week we take a look at newcomer Whale Tale, the newest mashup from Syntex and more!
Check it out after the jump.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ellie Goulding- Anything Could Happen (Remixes from Birdy Nam Nam & Henry Fong

Today I've got two pretty sweet remixes of Ellie Goulding's latest single, Anything Could Happen. First up is a magnificent progressive house rework from new guy on the block, Henry Fong. This is a sweet remix that needs to be in your library. Hit up the download on his Facebook.

Henry Fong Remix

While personally, I don't like this remix at all, I felt inclined to post it anyway. This trap remix from Birdy Nam Nam sounded like s**t to me, it completely ruined the track in my opinion. However, I hope some of you like it.

Birdy Nam Nam Remix

Also, while on the topic of Ellie Goulding, Halcyon comes out on October 8th so get pumped for that, it's gonna be a great album!

KDrew- All Or Nothing

This brand new original track from KDrew is a grimy electro banger that features some great beats and intense bass. With a sound that comes over as a cross between GRiZ and Dada Life, this is a fresh new style.

Skrillex - Make it Bun Dem (Comic Strips Remix)

Remixes of this track are overflowing right now, and it takes a lot of sifting to find the good ones. Upcoming producer Comic Strips' remix of the track features a nasty dubstep rework of the track. 

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Two Door Cinema Club- Jurassic Park Theme (Cover)

Two Door Cinema Club recently hit up Zane Lowe's radio show on BBC Radio 1, and they featured this pretty unique cover of the Jurassic Park theme. The tune is a pretty cool rendition that hopefully revisits some good childhood memories.

Dillon Francis - Masta Blasta (The Rebirth) Official Music Video

The video for Masta Blasta (The Rebirth) dropped on Thursday and I have a few mixed feelings about the track. Don't get me wrong, the track is dope, but the video was where it got complicated for me. On one side I wass dissapointed because this video fails to meet up to some of the production standards we've seen in music videos. However, on the other side this video is exactly what I'd expect from Dillon Francis, and I mean that in the best way possible. Chances are, if he tried to make a serious video, I'd complain about and wish for a "club" video. If any mixed messages came across the wrong way, I still love Dillon Francis.

Chic - Everybody Dance (Zimmer Rework)

I realised this morning that its been quite a while since I posted some disco. So I headed over to my SoundCloud stream and what was waiting for me but a fresh funky new remix from none other than Zimmer. This remix of Chic's Everybody Dance has some great beats and funky lines. The track is sure to make you wanna groove one way or another. Hit up the free download on Zimmer's Facebook.

Saturday Spotlight #12- Richello

Seventeen year old Richello is spreading like wild fire across the blogosphere. The Scandinavian has some of the best progressive remixes of massive tracks from all around the world. While we can be expecting much much more from him, enjoy these sweet remixes for now. It just supports the facts; nobody does it like the Euros. While not much else is available about Richello, the music speaks for itself.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Fedde Le Grand Nicky Romero Matthew Koma – Sparks (Vicetone Remix)

During the summer, we got the massive release from Fedde Le Grand and Nicky Romero. Sparks is a great track by any standard. The track featured some beautiful crescendos of orchestral synths and rhythmic bass lines.This remix from Vicetone takes that track and adds some more progression and beauty to the original.

Vicetone Remix

Original Mix

Eva Simons – Renegade (FYOR’s Discovery Project Remix)

After leaving the duo No Body, Kevin Chapman has reintroduced himself to the game as FYOR. He submitted this to Insomniac's Discovery Project and so far he's gotten some brilliant feedback. The remix of Eva Simmon's Renegade comes off as a blend of Dada Life and Duck Sauce and has an electro house feel.

Bassnectar – Hexes (feat. Chino Moreno)

This track somes as a gift for all the bass heads out there. Bassnectar's new track for the soon to be released movie Resident Evil: Retribution. The track features Chino Moreno on the vocals and some heavy, heavy bass. If you have a subwoofer, turn the bass all the way up on this one. 
Head over to iTunes to grab the track.

Swedish House Mafia- Don't You Worry Child

Well here it is guys. The final single from the Swedish House Mafia is available today in North America, most of Europe, and Australia. While the release signifies the end of an era, it's still a time of celebration, for SHM has done incredible things for EDM. The song itself features a plethora of catchy beats and exceptional vocals. The track is a brilliant piece to end their career and they left nothing on the table and truly went out on a high note with this one. 

Moving on, the music video for the track features a collection of clips from the time the trio spent together. It also features clips from performance at Milton Keynes Bowl, their final UK show. The trio has accomplished much since 2005. Even though I've only listened to them for a little over a year, they've been a great inspiration to me, and they'll be sorely missed on a global scale.

The track is available on iTunes now, so pick up the final single ever from the best Swedish ensemble out there.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Don't You Worry Child (Teaser)

The teaser for this video makes me a little sad. I remember when I heard my first Swedish House Mafia track over a year ago. Save The World was one of the first tracks I heard not just from Swedish House Mafia, but from EDM in general. The fact that their ensemble has to disband so soon is a little saddening, but I get it, people change and they wan't to focus on their own careers. A teaser for their final single, the highly anticipated Don't You Worry Child, just went up on their YouTube page. The track is available tomorrow morning in the US and Canada and out in the UK on October 7th. Check back tomorrow morning for the full.

Avicii – Silhouettes (Syn Cole Creamfields Mix)

I'm not too sure where exactly to start on this one. Silhouettes is already by far Avicii's best track and one of my personal favourites. With some true progressive vibes and a minimalist approach, this remix hits all the right notes and is all over a brilliant remix to a brilliant track.

Knife Party - Internet Friends (Revolvr Bootleg)

This heavy moombathon remix of Internet Friends is the best remix I've heard of the track. With a great bounce, the track kicks off with some entertaining vocals and quickly drops you into the middle of a mosh pit beat and heavy bass, the killer combo.

Thursday's Thoughts #5 (or lack thereof)

Yup, no segment this week. Due to a lot of school work this week, I've been a little off my music game and haven't had that much time to generate any thoughts to anything other than work and sleep. Hopefully I'll be back with the segment next week.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Calvin Harris Ft. Example – We’ll Be Coming Back (Feature Cuts Remix)

Calvin Harris' summer jam, We'll Be Coming Back, recently got a huge dubstep remix from Feature Cuts. Taking what was already a great collaboration between Calvin Harris and Example, Feature Cuts invites himself into the mix and smacks out a giant dubstep that's sure to blow some speakers out. Also, Feature Cuts threw together a nice little video for the remix. Turn the bass up for the drop on this one.

Zedd- Spectrum (Ruby The Martian Remix)

While little to no information is known about Ruby The Martinan, this remix of Spectrum is unbelievable and is the first remix to have taken the "Swedish" approach and really captured the elements of the original track. If one thing is for sure, keep an eye on Ruby The Martian. This is some big stuff right here guys.

Steve Angello – Yeah (Pete Tong World Exclusive)

Steve Angello is nothing short of stunning. Yeah was featured last Friday on Pete Tong's radio show and the preview has got me craving more. Yeah is a great progressive tune with a catchy hook and a solid underlaying beat.This one hits the shelves on September 29th.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hardwell - Spaceman (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)

This trapped out remix of Hardwell's giant house track Spaceman features some great drum patterns. While I'm still just getting into trap I'm starting to dig the sound and its growing on me more and more, possible Trap Tuesday?

Sub Focus - Tidal Wave (ft. Alpines) (KillSonik Remix)

While I loved the original mix even though we only got a short clip, this remix is a really solid drumstep remix of the tune. While it doesn't drop until November 4th, check out the stream for now.

Foreign Beggars - Apex (Prod. By Knife Party)

Foreign Beggars' new track produced by Knife Party is a sweet track with a heavier drop than you'd expect from Knife Party. Foreign Beggars' album drops on October 1st on Mau5trap.

TomorrowLand 2012 After Movie

This years highly anticipated after movie for TomorrowLand is a brilliant showcase video for the epic three day festival in Belgium. Last year's after movie has just under 50 million views and this one got almost 800,000 within 12 hours! With more than 180,000 people at the festival, this epic event is one of the biggest in EDM, and it is also incredibly run, virtually no problems with assholes etc. Words can't even come close to capturing this festival. This festival goes to show the power of electronic dance music and it's capabilities to unite people from all walks of life and all countries.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Mashed Monday #11

This week we have a ton of epic mashups from Syntex, Luune, as well as the epic new mashup from 5 & A Dime and much, much more!
Read on after the jump.

Steve Aoki & Tiesto - Tornado (Felix Cartal Remix)

Felix Cartal has been killing it lately, and this remix of Aoki and Tiesto's Tornado is a giant electro remix. With a filthy drop and fist pumping beats, this is the perfect to beat away the back to school blues.

Swedish House Mafia- Don't You Worry Child (Acoustic Version)

The Swedish House Mafia's final single has spread like wildfire. While the single is set to start releasing in different countries later this week, the acoustic version can help tide you over. While still maintaining the strong vocals that carried the original track, this version helps capture the emotions a little better. This track means something special, it celebrates the success of the trio and helps wind down their career as an ensemble.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Deadmau5 LIVE at iTunes Festival

The Mau5's performance at iTunes Festival in London is being streamed for free right now! Go check it out, it's sweet!

Click here to watch!

Skrillex & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Make It Bun Dem (Video)

After launching the Beatport contest, the official video for Make It Bun Dem is finally here. While it follows the same layout and concept as Bangarang and Equinox, it's still an eerie video with rain dances, native dubstep demons and more!

Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman ft. Jonny Rose – Pieces of Light (Original Mix)

I'm so glad to see that DJs are starting to move back from club tracks and pay more attention to the production side of things. This track from Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman is just the progressive house track my library has been lacking. Pieces of Light is a track with great vocals, courtesy of Jonny Rose. The Swedish duo have quite a few solid productions under their belt now and they have no signs of letting up. While we've only got the preview for now, I can't wait for this track to drop!

Zedd & Porter Robinson- The Poseidon Tour

Zedd and Porter Robinson are two of the most prospective EDM artists out there with bright futures. The Poseidon Tour will feature Zedd & Porter back to back with fellow OWSLA dog, Nick Thayer as the opener. They're set to tear through seven states and two countries in only nineteen days. I know I say this a lot, but seriously, if they're in your town, hit 'em up. Tickets are cheap and a show couldn't come better than this, both Zedd and Porter have some of the best tracks out there.

Check below for dates and the teaser vid.
Tickets available here.

Poseidon Tour Dates:
25-Sep Gainesville, FLThe Vault
26-Sep Tampa, FLAmphitheatre
27-Sep Orlando, FLRoxy
28-Sep Morgantown, WVGlowfest @ Mylan Park
2-Oct Boston, MARoyale
3-Oct Ann Arbor, MINecto
4-Oct Miami, FLLIV
6-Oct Columbia, MDVirgin Mobile FreeFest
7-Oct Vancouver, BCVancouver Convention Centre
9-Oct Hollywood, CAGreystone Manor
10-Oct Santa Ana, CAYost Theater
11-Oct San Diego, CAPetco Park
11-Oct San Diego, CAVoyeur
12-Oct Los Angeles, CAAvalon
13-Oct Portland, OROregon Convention Center