Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Madeon- The City EP

Today we take a look at Madeon's new EP for his latest single, The City. It features two different cuts of The City as well as two cuts of Icarus and a remix of Finale.
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The City
I love this track, while Madeon says it represents the end of a production era for him, it's a great track with some brilliant vocals as well as Madeon's signature, feel good, french pop/disco sound. I love it. An extended mix is also included in the Ep.

Finale (Netsky Remix)
Starting out with the same melody as the original, this remix features a more brassy synth of the original, then some drum and kick patterns with the vocals key changed. The drop is a giant drum n bass remix that is brilliant. While it avoids the heavy bass, it has some nice harmonizing chords.

This was Madeon's first big single. Icarus has such a progressive side to it that drops into a giant sound with so many different things going on, yet it sounds the complete opposite of chaotic. Every single sound in the track feels in exactly the right place, the right notes, the right time, everything about this track is perfect.

Icarus (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
Another drum n bass remix on the EP, this time from Fred V and Grafix. It starts out pretty much the exact same as the original, but this is nothing like the original at all. The tempo begins to speed up and speed up before dropping into a great drum n bass loop.

All in all there are a lot of remixes of Madeons three latest singles floating around out there, and I'm glad he packaged them all together into this neat little EP. Madeon is currently not touring right now which means the alternative is producing! He's been talking a lot on his twitter about production and how he envisions a "Madeon album", which is all fantastic news. I can't even imagine how stunning a full length album from this guy would be!

The EP is available on iTunes now for only $2.50, which is a bargain for five songs!

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