Thursday, 31 May 2012

Free n Losh – Cool Side of The Pillow: nu disco

The next installment in their summer release series, V.I.P. (Violently Ill Productions), ElectroJams homeboys Free n Losh have another one for you.  Cool Side of the Pillow, is a track that blends elements of nu-disco and electro house and even a dubstep-style breakdown in halftime.Although trying to classify it might do more harm than good. this track takes quite a few different directions and it all works.  

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Avicii – Two Million: new track from 'facebook'

To celebrate reaching two million likes on facebook, the golden boy himself decided to celebrate by dropping a new track. It's certainly not Avicii's normal sound that you would expect from tracks like Silhouettes or Levels, but either way the track is still a banger that is sure to be played.

Ellie Goulding – High For This (The Weeknd Cover): beautiful cover

Well its official, I'm in a musical state of euphoria right now.
One of my favourite female vocalists  in the world, none other than the Ellie Goulding has just released a cover of The Weeknd's High For This. Although the original is actually quite eerie, Ellie undoubtedly puts her own spin on it and has makes it her own. You can really feel that she pours her heart and soul into this track and it pays off. The cover is nothing less than beautiful.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Jay-Z & Kanye West – No Church In the Wild ft Frank Ocean & The-Dream (Music Video): AW HELL YEAH

So here I am sitting in my room, trolling the internet when out of nowhere, BAM!
A wild music video appears.
I have little words for this video, just share and as always,

Mashup Germany- Whistle Word: new mashup

I found out about Mashup Germany in April on Soundcloud while in Bermuda on a rugby tour and today they released a new mashup. Whistle Word features quite a few songs including RHCP's Under The Bridge. 

Monday, 28 May 2012

Michael Jackson – Bad (Afrojack Remix) : remix to a classic

Well do I have a treat for you today,
If you didn't already know, Michael Jackson's Bad is being remastered for its 25th anniversary. Its also gonna include some modern remixes from Afrojack, Diplo, and A-Trak. Today I’ve got dutch house star Afrojack’s remix. Some think classics should be left alone… However, this works pretty well, and lets Michael get played all over the world again.

Justice – Helix (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix): new electro house

Lazerdisk Party Sex really caught my attention with their hit Tigerblood, but since then I really haven't heard their name crop up again since. Besides having a brilliant name, are a duo out of Burlington, VT. They dropped this Justice remix and straight knock it out of the park. Enjoy this track, sprinkle some love on their facebook page, and just let the synths take you away.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hardwell – Three Triangles: house anthem

Robbert Hardwell has quickly cemented his name as one of the hottest acts in electronic music. With his uncanny ability to produce nothing short of stadium-sized tunes, his big room house discography continues to grow at an immense rate. Following up on “Kontiki” as well as his recent collaboration with Tiesto, “Young Blood” which I posted earlier this week, Hardwell’s production appears limitless. Straying away from his modus operandi of big piano chord progressions, ”Three Triangles” has a more minimalistic vibe to it, although for all we know, the released preview could only be the first half of the song. “Three Triangles” is set to be released on June 3 as part of the Toolroom Records Ibiza compilation.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Knife Party – Fuck ‘Em (Rage Valley) (SmoKe Edit): new dubstep remix

Wow.. As all of you should know by now, Knife Party’s Rage Valley EP dropped yesterday and is without-a-doubt one of the best releases in the dubstep world yet this year. Here’s a sick edit of the track ‘Rage Valley’ from Melbourne-based producer SmoKe, so add it quickly to your playlist before heading out tonight. 

Friday, 25 May 2012

Cypress Hill & Rusko feat. Damian Marley - Can't Keep Me Down: new Damien Marley reggaestep

The wild collaboration of West Coast rap group, Cypress Hill and English dubstep producer Rusko have released their first single, ‘Can’t Keep Me Down’ featuring Damian Marley. This track marks the first single off their upcoming EP, Cypress x Rusko, which is available for iTunes download now, and the EP will be available June 5th.The track itself is really good and is guaranteed to make your foot tap and head rock. While I love that Damien Marley is doing a lot of collabs into the realm of Dubstep creating Reggaesetp, it worries me that now every dubstep producer is going to collaborate with him or reggae artists.


Hey readers,
I may be adding two new writers to the blog to help me out with management and posts. However, all posts will still go through me as a filter before I post them. 
I'll keep you posted on the progress once I get all this stuff figured out.
good people, good music, good times,

Virtual Riot- Another Way: new upcoming dubstep producer

Fresh on the radar is this young German producer known as Virtual Riot. Though he may not be as experienced as some other bass music heavyweights he is up against, the 17 year-old has been making up the difference in experience time, reaching nearly 40 tracks posted on Soundcloud over the last year. The newest edition to his arsenal, ‘Another Way’, is a huge step forward for the young producer. Only his second track to receive professional mastering, it shows incredible potential. This track delivers all the solid foundations any respectable dubstep song needs.

RAC- Hollywood: the perfect chill pop track

I've been waiting for a new RAC track since their remix of Katy Perry's Part of Me. Now I generally don't listen to a lot of pop music but I feel that this track isn't part of the movement of pop songs that are just trying to be in the top 40. No this is something far better than the repetitive bullshit of radio. Hollywood has individuality and is a really nice, catchy tune. This is a perfect example of what all pop songs should aspire to be. 

R3hab – Electric Daisy Carnival 2012: Live Set w/ Bonus Bootleg

After dominating this past weekend's Electric Daisy Carnival in New York, it must feel pretty fucking awesome to be R3HAB right now, this guy is such a huge name in the electronic community. The dirty Dutchman producer has numerous notable remixes to his credit along with some original bangers, such as “Prutataaa” which he played with Afrojack at EDC.  I managed to talk to a guy earlier today that was able to go to EDC and he said the R3HAB's set was his favorite by miles. Well guess what folks? R3HAB uploaded a live recording of his set to SoundCloud for us all. 

Also as a bonus to compliment R3HAB's Prutataaa, if you haven't heard Kap Slap's bootleg "Can't Stop Prutataaa" which was featured on the recent mixtape "Frequent Flyer" then here it is too. 

Tracklist for Can't Stop Prutataaa
1) Can't Stop Me Now - Afrojack & Shermanology
2) Prutataaa (Dada Life Mix) - Afrojack & R3hab
3) Pressure (Alesso Remix) - Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji

Avicii – All You Need Is Love (Dirigo & Fjæstad Bootleg)

When you find a song that fits, the synth lines sound intricate and amazing, the bass comes in low  and knocks you back, thats when you know. Blast the volume and get ready for the weekend. The track itself is gonna be a big hit in clubs as a big rager. This is a crystal crisp bootleg from two Swedish producers, Dirigo & Fjæstad of once of Avicii’s newest hits that is certainly going to take over shortly.

Knife Party – Bonfire: leaked reggaestep banger

Today the sky opened up right before my eyes, and the various deities whose very existence I had been wondering about for years came to me, in the guise of a group of marauders from the bitter depths of the internet, and bestowed upon me a glorious gift. It was a leak of the new Knife Party EP. For the last few weeks, I’ve been scouring the internet, breathlessly awaiting the inevitable leaking of this EP. The Knife Party themselves posted all 4 tracks on their YouTube page yesterday, which was promptly taken down by the greedy pricks at WMG, but somehow some conniving person managed to get ahold of the real masters and distribute them on the high seas. Regardless of its shady origins, this is a monster of a track. It has a bumping reggae-infused beat that is extremely reminiscent of their earlier track Fire Hive. In fact, reggae dubstep or 'reggaestep' is becoming such a popular sub genre that more and more DJs are implicating into their songs and sets. This is a serious banger and I know you’re all gonna love it. Kick back, turn up your speakers, and rage hard!

Justin Bieber – Boyfriend (Remix) Ft. 2 Chainz, Mac Miller & Asher Roth

Wait what the fuck?
What is this world coming to?
These are questions you may be asking yourself right now. Never in a million years would I think Asher Roth, Mac Miller, and 2 Chainz would collaborate on the same track, let alone a Justin Bieber remix. After Dada Life announced their surprise remix of Boyfriend I was almost laughing in disbelief. But, for some reason the stars have aligned and the Canadian boy wonder has picked up another excellent remix, along with Dada’s. After Macadelic, I wasn’t too happy with Miller’s new style and it seriously put me off his stuff altogether, but this is a solid step on the path to redemption. As for 2 Chainz, he’s growing on me more and more every day, and Roth constantly delivers. As for the remix itself I really dig it even if it is a Justin Bieber song. These are the kind of remixes that make me wonder.

Zimmer - Sage Paradis: Funky House Disco Mix

A lot of DJs right now are taking to doing monthly mixes and such. Zimmer being one of them, really hit the nail on the head with his latest mix. I've been following Zimmer for a few months now and while I liked him, this was the first thing I've heard from him that really stood out to me and set him apart from the crowd. It's a really laid back, sexy disco, deep house mix with some intricate, catchy  funk in the bass lines. The bass lines were really what caught my attention with this. This track not only fits in very nicely with the French house music scene but is really getting in to the laid back, trance, funky house vibes that I'm loving right now. Either way, Zimmer really killed it with this one.I know its a long mix, but I urge you to put it on in the background while you're working or that sort of stuff. This mix is incredible and you gotta hear it.

TJR – Funky Vodka (No Body Bootleg): funky house disco

 DJ duos No Body have just hit a home run. Making the first jump into the remix pool, they’ve tackled TJR‘s Beatport chart-topping tune ‘Funky Vodka’ and sent it through the grinding gears of heavy hitting, funky electro. Already a dance floor anthem for 2012, the No Body boys have just cleared this track for big room liftoff. 

Sub Focus- Falling Down Remixes EP: sick dubstep remix EP

Last week Sub Focus released an EP of remixes for the song Falling Down via the upcoming label OWSLA. The EP features four tracks; the original, a VIP, a Nick Thayer Remix and an xKore remix. The VIP is a completely filthy banger which should rock your socks off, and the Nick Thayer remix is pretty sick too. The xKore remix, however,  is where things get spectacular. The remix kicks the tempo into overdrive and has a really sick pre drop chorus to it. Sub Focus' Falling Down was a great track that satisfies a lot of different elements. It has a really catchy synth line, but when the bass drops you're in for a treat.  The original mix was even featured in Skrillex's video log for his week in Miami headlining at UMF. 

xKore Remix

Original Mix

VIP Remix

Nick Thayer Remix

At Dawn We Rage – Over It: refreshing dubstep

This new number from At Dawn We Rage expresses my exact sentiments towards the genre war – I’m simply Over It. This track has a little something for everyone: a thick, deep bassline, something you’d expect from a dubstep track yet it has some nice melodic synths on top of the drumstep beat. It’s a really peaceful and relaxing track but has just enough pep in it to make you nod your head.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Naked And Famous- Young Blood (Tiësto & Hardwell Remix): Epic House Remix

Tiesto is tearing it up right now with the second volume of Club Life. For this remix of The Naked and Famous' Young Blood he collaborated with none other than Hardwell. Their choice to collaborate together certainly paid off and I really want more collabs from the two. This is by far my favourite Tiesto remix so be sure to check it out.

Crookers- Massive EP (Remixed): Bangin' Remix EP

With the word ‘massive’ being used quite frivolously these days, there are a lot of high expectations nowadays. Yesterday, Italian Electro gods, Crookers, released the remixes for the Massive EP out on Potty Mouth Records, and I give two massive thumbs up. With 3 originals from Phra and Bot and 4 remixes from TJR & Anthony Wolf, Magik Johnson, Santiago & Bushido, and Mightyfools, this is a must-grab release from the Los Angeles label. Pick it up on Beatport now and enjoy this remix of ‘Massive’.

A little busy

First of all I'd like to thank you all for the initial response with the blog. I'm having so much fun doing this . Anyway, over the next week or so I might not be able to post as much as I'd like to on the blog. I have final exams at school right now so as you can imagine I'm currently really busy. This doesn't mean that I wont post anything just that postings may be sparse and inconsistent for a week or two.

good people, good music, good times,

R/D- Love Hard: Original Dubstep

Until this afternoon, I had never heard of R/D. After some research I'm seriously impressed. As an upcoming dubstep producer from Cape Town he is doing a great job so far. Not to come off as ignorant, but I had no clue there was such a following for house music in South Africa. 
Anyway, here is his most recent release.

3LAU HAUS 2: Sick Progressive House Mix

Justin Blau has got a lot going for himself right now. He is running his fundraising campaign with the organisation Pencils of Promise to help buy school supplies for children in 3rd world countries. He is doing this through the money he makes from his new Beatport release of James Egbert's Back to New. He is also matching the money he makes from the sales with money out of his own pocket. If you haven't checked that out then you really should help out a good cause. Blau is also currently working on the follow up to last years Dance Floor Filth with Dance Floor Filth volume 2. As you can see this guy is just incredibly busy but there's one more thing I want to tell you about Blau. He also started a monthly series of mixes last month that he calls 3LAU HAUS. So here is 3LAU HAUS 2 that was released a few days ago. It's got a lot of really epic progressive house tracks in it so be sure to check it out.

Childish Gambino- We Aint Them: Chill New Rap

A few days ago Childish Gambino's twitter went into a storm of frenziness and in the midst of it, a new track emerged. Gambino has exploded over these last few months after last years release of CAMP. Every single blog you look at, there are constant mentions of Donald Glover and his Childish Gambino stage name. Now I don't listen to rap very much but I am a fan of Gambino's work and when I heard this I knew I'd have to post about it. We Aint Them is a chill new track that is laid back and has some good rhymes that not only show off Gambino's impressive talents but also make the song that much better.  Unfortunately, the only SoundCloud link I could find for the track is from TSIS, so if it redirects you there, sorry for the inconvenience.

Destructo- Technology EP: Laid Back / Deep Electro EP

Today I have an EP from back in February that I feel not enough people know about. Destructo's Technology EP is a five song EP that has three incredible original tracks and two hard hitting remixes. This EP is really, really sick and needs to be put out there more. The tracks are really laid back but don't underestimate them as they've still got pounding bass lines. I'm looking forward to hearing more from these guys in the future and hopefully you will be too. My personal favourite off of Technology is La Funky. As usual, here's the SoundCloud so head there for more info on the tracks.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Manic Focus- Expanding Mind: Fresh Hip Hop / Electro Album

If you haven't already heard of Manic Focus then check out some of his remixes to MIA, Red Hot Chili Peppers and some other big names. He only started out last Fall and has come far in only a few short months. It's got a Pretty Lights feel to it in the sense of its Hip Hop fusion and beat. It's a sweet album and you can download it for free over at his SoundCloud.

Zedd- Spectrum: Funky Electro

I've been a big fan of Zedd for about a year now and this is by far the favourite track I've ever heard from him. It steers away from his usual banger house track and gets alot more funky in the synth lines once the beat drops. I can't wait to see where Zedd takes his career from here. At only 23 he has a prosperous road ahead of him to say the least. 

Bangin' Remix to Porter R.'s "Language"

Porter Robinson's Language is such a hugely epic progressive house track that words cannot describe. Unfortunately a track as big as this can only be followed up by multiple poor remixes and bootlegs. However, this gem is the needle in the haystack. It is a TABS bootleg of Language and is a fist pumping remix to the beautiful song we all love.

Porter also recently announced his summer Language Tour so check it out.

This new Steve Aoki (Dj Aisan Jesus) remix of Mike Posner's 'Looks Like Sex' dropped was released a few days ago and seems to be taking the community by storm. It is an amazing track and you need to check it out. It's got an upbeat, feel-good vibe to it and is sure to put you in a good mood.

Don't forget to check out  for tour dates in your area.

As this being my first blog post ever I'd like to introduce myself and get all the mumbo jumbo out of the way first. My name is Alistair Stirling and I live in Toronto. I love music more than anything in the entire world. It is my passion. I love house, dubstep, trance,  mashups. Any sub genre of electronic and dance music I listen to the most. I also keep an eye out for chill rap songs and even rock. I even dabble in Ableton making my own mashups and mixes from time to time under the name "MacStirling". My current goal is to post at least one song a day but you can likely expect more than that.

good people, good music good times,