Friday, 25 May 2012

Zimmer - Sage Paradis: Funky House Disco Mix

A lot of DJs right now are taking to doing monthly mixes and such. Zimmer being one of them, really hit the nail on the head with his latest mix. I've been following Zimmer for a few months now and while I liked him, this was the first thing I've heard from him that really stood out to me and set him apart from the crowd. It's a really laid back, sexy disco, deep house mix with some intricate, catchy  funk in the bass lines. The bass lines were really what caught my attention with this. This track not only fits in very nicely with the French house music scene but is really getting in to the laid back, trance, funky house vibes that I'm loving right now. Either way, Zimmer really killed it with this one.I know its a long mix, but I urge you to put it on in the background while you're working or that sort of stuff. This mix is incredible and you gotta hear it.

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