Wednesday, 5 September 2012

GRiZ- Mad Liberation

This album from GRiZ has been a long time coming and it's finally here. Make sure to read the full post after the jump.

GRiZ's upcoming album has been a long time in the works. The album as a whole features so many tracks. The best comparison would be a futuristic blend of Nero and KOAN Sound. Each and every track on this FREE album has clearly had countless hours of care and attention to detail put into it's production. This album turns out to be a really stunning futuristic dubstep / glitch-hop album that packs a kick. The tracks in the album have some great contrast ranging from some brilliant dubstep to some captivating melodies.

Be sure to check out GRiZ's note about the album.

"Mad Liberation is a collection of songs that I have been working on for the past year that ranged from mostly original compositions to varied sample work (retro vinyl recordings and new all original recordings); digital synthesis that took me weeks to master; to live instrumentation tediously and soulfully recorded by myself and some of my very good friends.
This collection of noise - to me - became an album, a sound in a whole, an idea free from limits of thought and more an idea of the heart and soul. Mad Liberation is a piece of me that is representative of my past, breathes life into my present, and is a taste of the future.
I don't have fancy recording equipment, amazing speakers, crazy keyboards, complicated sample packs, proper studio time, cutting edge midi controllers, or outboard mixing gear.
What I do have is an endless imagination of the future/now, unrelenting will, constant fascination, and a heart that has no capacity to stop loving and trying.
This business - when you boil it down - is not about the machine, but about the man. Even electronic music is humanistic. We breath life into these dead things to make them whisper and ROAR!! I am inspired by that fact, and this is what sets me free.
This is Mad Liberation
As I mentioned, this album is completely free, just hit "buy" below. The album has had a lot of care and soul put into it so the least you can do is keep an eye on GRiZ via Twitter, SoundCloud, Facebook, and check out his awesome website.

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