Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Deadmau5- >album title goes here< (Full Album)

Well, here it is, the highly anticipated Deadmau5 album. My full review of the album is also ready and here it is. Since 4x4=12 I've been anxiously awaiting the next and although the album was leaked last Thursday, today we get the final copy.
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This track definitely reminded me of Cthulhu Sleeps at a first listen. It really gets deep into some heavy, pounding beats with some fat synths. The track is definitely a great track to kick off a great album.

Channel 42 (feat. Wolfgang Gartner)
The second track is another one that's previously unreleased. Not only does Channel 42 feature Wolfgang Gartner, but it has a really good blend of sounds and the two's sounds intertwine really nicely. While I think its a better collaboration than Animal Rights, the track seems to be lacking some sort of wow factor. While it is still a great track nonetheless, it just seems to be a little lacking for me and leaves me wanting more.

The Veldt (feat. Chris James)
The third track was one of the biggest of the summer, and a go to track for music fans of not just dance but all genres. While I've talked about the Veldt a fair bit, I'll repeat myself or anyone that's been hiding under a rock. The Veldt is a track with great vocals from Chris James that tells the story of Ray Branbury's book. The track is a feel good jam with some catchy melodies.

Fn Pig
This track has been leaked quite a few times and it has changed dramatically since the last rip I heard. It starts out as a trancey progressive track and quickly erupts into high-ranging synths in a catchy melody right before dropping straight into a floor smacking, beat tapping beat, rinse and repeat.

Professional Griefers (feat. Gerard Way)
This next track from the album has been out for a few weeks now but still I'll cover it. Featuring the My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way, the single takes the instrumental track that was released a year ago and adds some harsh rebellious vocals. Not to mention it had a kick ass music video which you can check out here.

This track was released back in the Spring as a single. Anyway, the track is a pretty mechanical industrial spud with robotic vocals worth of Microsoft Sam and Steven Hawking. It's a pretty funky track nonetheless.

There Might Be Coffee
One of my favorites from the album, There Might Be Coffee was previewed on the Mau5's live stream a few weeks back. The track starts out with some violins and then brings in some beautifully melodic synths and soon after drops into a fist pumping beat and great synth melodies during. While the some feel the track is lacking vocals, I disagree, this song is amazing from all aspects and I don't have a thing to complain about here. Best track on the album, hands down.

Take Care of The Paperwork
This next track starts off really dark and abstract, but you can almost hear Zimmerman shaping the track and it soon takes form. The track has a really scratchy sound (in a good way), and whole it doesn't really have a beat of drop it has some dark guitar riffs and sort of acts as an interlude for the album.

This next track is a pretty sweet one. The Mau5 takes it to the extreme on this one, incorporating a plethora of sounds, synths and beats into an epic track. The track takes on a form which is similar to Strobe, while still remaining unique and incredible. The track builds up beautifully before cascading some intense beats.

With so many unique tracks, Zimmerman seems to go back to his roots on this one and the result is a great blend of house, techno and progressive. October has a brilliant beat drop too.

This track retains electronic styles but is definetley the perfect track for chilling around the house in the early hours of the morning. With a well composed drum pattern and some nice piano licks the track comes together nicely and while it's not the expected from Deadmau5 it's still a neat track.

Failbait  (feat. Cypress Hill)
After a few tracks that got quite serious the album moves into a pretty fun track. Deadmau5 collaborated with Cypress Hill a few months back and released the track on The Veldt EP. The track features some "fat beats" from the Mau5 and some fun rhymes from Cypress Hill. It's a good collaboration that's easy going while still maintaining a good pace.

Telemiscommunications (feat. Imogen Heap)
The final track on the album opens with some soft piano and beautiful vocals from Imogen Heap. The track is a beautiful piece and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

All around I think this release was a brilliant one from Deadmau5. While he continues to kill it with his production quality, I'm so digging this new Deadmau5 sound that Zimmerman seems to have found. We all know what's coming next though, right? Near the beginning of the year Zimmerman mentioned in an interview that this would be a big production year for him and more recently said that he would be retiring the cube stage setup, making a new stage setup then "tour the crap out of it". So that's certainly something to look forward too and with a lot of new material under his belt, the Mau5 will no doubt be well prepared.

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