Friday, 14 September 2012

Swedish House Mafia- Don't You Worry Child

Well here it is guys. The final single from the Swedish House Mafia is available today in North America, most of Europe, and Australia. While the release signifies the end of an era, it's still a time of celebration, for SHM has done incredible things for EDM. The song itself features a plethora of catchy beats and exceptional vocals. The track is a brilliant piece to end their career and they left nothing on the table and truly went out on a high note with this one. 

Moving on, the music video for the track features a collection of clips from the time the trio spent together. It also features clips from performance at Milton Keynes Bowl, their final UK show. The trio has accomplished much since 2005. Even though I've only listened to them for a little over a year, they've been a great inspiration to me, and they'll be sorely missed on a global scale.

The track is available on iTunes now, so pick up the final single ever from the best Swedish ensemble out there.

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