Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thursday's Thoughts #7

This week we take a look at One Last Tour, and the retiring of The EDM Snob. 
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On Monday, two significant things happened, the farewell tour of the Swedish House Mafia was announced and the EDM Snob revealed himself.

We'll start off with the Snob.
EDM Snob started back in June and became an instant success, gaining 10,000 views in it's first week. The Snob wasn't afraid to post the ugly side of things, and he would call out anybody that needed it. While he didn't make too many friends, posting leaked information on a regular basis, he did what had to be done and in the end he's done an incredible service for EDM. He recently revealed his identity however after people in the industry started being accused as being the Snob. Clearly, the Snob never set out to do these things and he had to make it right by revealing his identity. While the site only lasted five or so months, he went from not knowing anyone in the industry, to being accepted with arms wide open. 

It's unclear what the next move is for the Snob, but what ever he does I'm absolutely positive he'll excel at it.

Next up is the tour announcement from SHM. The tour dates were announce Monday morning and it actually took me a few hours to be able to get on to the site as it kept crashing from server overload! When I finally got on, I headed straight to the Toronto date, which is one of the few, few dates on the tour that isn't all ages. Pretty shitty for me right? Anyway, their farewell tour covers tons of countries across the world. While the trio will surely flourish as individual artists, their ensemble must come to a close. This tour will certainly be a big one, so check it out at the tour's website.
We came, we raved, we loved. 

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