The Daily Turntable (TDT) is an electronic music blog based in Toronto, Canada. 

This blog was started on May 23rd 2012, it is run by Alistair (MacStirling) with help from Hartley Robinson. We mainly post about most sub genres of electronic music with some other stuff here and there. 

Our goal is to share our musical findings and share them legally. Our policy is that we will only post download links that the artist supports, this includes Soundcloud, Hulkshare and Facebook downloads. We will post iTunes or Beatport links when they are available.

We aim to post about 2 or 3 posts a day, but we are both in school so during from Monday to Friday we may not meet that goal due to a heavy course load.

We post several segments during the week that include Mashup Mondays, Thursday's Thoughts, Saturday Spotlights and Sunday Submissions. These segments will not always be posted because there may not be enough material to fill the segment and we'd rather not post than throw something together to fill a "quota" that we may not end up being 100% behind.

The photography on the blog is taken from Rukes, go check his website out for the best DJ photography in the world, hands down!

For contact inquiries email djmacstirling@gmail.com or tweet us @MacStirling

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