Friday, 25 May 2012

Justin Bieber – Boyfriend (Remix) Ft. 2 Chainz, Mac Miller & Asher Roth

Wait what the fuck?
What is this world coming to?
These are questions you may be asking yourself right now. Never in a million years would I think Asher Roth, Mac Miller, and 2 Chainz would collaborate on the same track, let alone a Justin Bieber remix. After Dada Life announced their surprise remix of Boyfriend I was almost laughing in disbelief. But, for some reason the stars have aligned and the Canadian boy wonder has picked up another excellent remix, along with Dada’s. After Macadelic, I wasn’t too happy with Miller’s new style and it seriously put me off his stuff altogether, but this is a solid step on the path to redemption. As for 2 Chainz, he’s growing on me more and more every day, and Roth constantly delivers. As for the remix itself I really dig it even if it is a Justin Bieber song. These are the kind of remixes that make me wonder.

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