Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thursday's Thoughts #8 (One Last Paycheck)

I've been thinking a lot about Swedish House Mafia's tour over the last week. While it's been a major topic of discussion I think that it's a little shameful as to what they're doing. What I mean is their price tickets. Their tickets were really overpriced in most cases and while I respect the fact that most of their shows are open to all ages, I think they're taking advantage of the whole "farewell" business  Don't get me wrong, I've had my skeptisms with Swedish House Mafia but I still do adore them. I think their merchandise are over priced, their tickets were all overpriced and the whole Until Now album is a joke. Considering their attack on Hardwell for "selling out material for a few facebook likes", they're in no position to criticise considering that they'll make tons of money on Until Now when it really doesn't have that much of their stuff in it. I want to make myself again clear, I love Swedish House Mafia, I've pre-ordered Until Now, I've bought my tickets to see them in Toronto, and I'm considering buying tickets for the other Toronto date as well, they're great producers, brilliant DJs and they'll be sorely missed as an ensemble. However, it's always necessary to keep an open view and step back to observe from a distance and general view every once in a while.

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