Saturday, 13 October 2012

Saturday Spotlight 13- Unicorn Kid

Today I return with Saturday Spotlight and this week take a look at the upcoming UK producer, Unicorn Kid. While he's not all that popular in North America, he's killing it in Great Britain.
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I first heard of Unicorn Kid during the summer on the radio, and mainly his latest single/EP, Need U. From my hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland, Oliver Sabin is 20 years old and while he's really popular in the UK, he hasn't quite made the big leap to EDM in North America. After releasing a few EPs in 2009 and 2010, he's been gaining more of a reputation in the UK and is now frequently featured on BBC Radio 1. Inspiration for the name, Unicorn Kid, came from the magical nature of EDM and he actually is a pioneer for a sub-genre for chip music. Chip music involves using sound chips from old video games to produce music. Unicorn Kid's uniqe brand of chip and electronic music makes for some really catchy tunes. The Need U EP is available worldwide on iTunes now, so go grab it. 
Check out the video for Need U below, the tune is so damn catchy!

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