Thursday, 19 July 2012

Zedd - Spectrum Remixes Post

I've decided that instead of posting Spectrum remixes individually, I'm just gonna post them all into this one big post. With the remix contest on Beatport, there are a ton of Spectrum remixes out right now and some of them are really awesome.Zedd had the number one spot on Beatport locked down for a solid two weeks!

The first one from DJ Firefox had a sound that really reminded me of Zedd's remix of Scary Monsters Nice Sprites, either way I really liked this remix.

This next remix from Stratus adds some filth to Spectrum. The dubstep loop was just made for fun but when Stratus found out about the Beatport contest he reworked it for Spectrum. Either way this is a filthy dubstep remix that works.

Another, more recent version from Absurd Rate Drumshaker turns Spectrum into this massive banger with a killer beat.

The acoustic version isn't quite a remix but if you haven't heard it then grab some tissues as this one may make you cry. This beautiful piano acoustic version of Spectrum is spectacular and although it's only 1:50, it is so incredible, way to go Zedd!

Grinfer's spin on Spectrum, while a little slow to start, has a really nice piano medley over top that works nicely to add to this master piece.

This old school dubstep remix of Spectrum caught me a little off guard, but it's pretty cool and is a solid dubstep remix.

One of the few drum n bass remixes of Spectrum that I've found is definitely in my top 3 remixes for Spectrum. You can really feel the drum n bass as well as the sweat and tears that clearly went into this remix. I definitely saved the best for last in this post.

Finally is Arty's Remix of Spectrum which is set to drop on the Spectrum EP on July 31st. This track really gives the original a run for its money in terms of just how epic it is.

All in all, if I had to choose a my favorite remix it would either be the Nyasin remix or the JackLNDN remix or the Arty Remix. Both in my opinion have really done all the things a remix should. Make sure to check back on July 31st for the drop of the Spectrum EP which is set to contain some remixes and hopefully some new tracks from Zedd.

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