Saturday, 14 July 2012

Saturday Spotlight #4- 5 & A Dime

Where to start with 5 & A Dime? Known as 5 & A Dime, Gregory Kantor is a mashup artist from Philadelphia. I caught on to 5 & A Dime back in the summer of 2011 with his release of Skrillmau5 which took My Name is Skrillex and Ghosts N Stuff. From then on he went forward to release the hugely successful #BASSMOB in the fall. All through the winter I waited and waited with anticipation as he released more singles and in the spring when he announced that he was working on a sequel to #BASSMOB, I was over the f**king moon with joy. Bassmob II: Return To Neverland, his fourth album has taken Kantor soaring to new heights and he has really built an iconic show for himself with his clever use of the Tiger and Elmo suits at his live shows. Shortly after the Bassmob II, he released his latest single, Change, just a few days ago. This latest single combined Dillon Francis' Dill The Noise and Porter Robinson's 100% In the Bitch, also adding some vocals from Diplo.  I haven't been fortunate enough to go to one of his shows yet as he has really left Canada unexplored so far, but I can't wait to see one of his shows as I know they are epic. Keep an eye out for Kantor over the rest of this summer. Even though he released an album, I guarantee that he'll be continuing to pump out more track before the summer is up.

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