Saturday, 7 July 2012

Spotlight Saturday #3- Carlos Serrano

Carlos Serrano has been pretty underground up until a few months back with his release of the mash up Something About The Fire, which took Adele's vocals and combined it with some really funky Daft Punk. I really urge you to check out his other tracks as they really don't disappoint. One of the other things that really caught me was that Serrano doesn't follow the traditional mashup formula of house track with pop vocals. He really mixes it up with the genres he draws his samples from. Also be sure to check out the post we did on his lates mashup, which again had a peculiar combination, featuring Ellie Goulding's delicate and petite vocals with Biggie's heavy rhymes. Below are two of his most recent mixes, Something About The Fire and Night Mania. Be sure to keep an eye open for Serrano as his mashups are getting better and better.

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