Monday, 30 July 2012

TommorrowLand Day 3 Recap (Livestream)

It's safe to say that the final day of TomorrowLand was a major success, the acts were spectacular. A lot of live sets that were recorded were surely by coming in over the next few days but as of now I've only found Avicii's which was posted yesterday, Chuckie's and Skrillex's. All in all I only envisage this festival growing and growing. While I, along with thousands of others, would have loved to be there, I'm neither old enough or have the funds to travel there, but someday...

Chuckie's set was posted on his SoundCloud, it was a pretty solid set and while it did everything it should, I got pretty bored with it and ended up skimming over it.

Skrillex was the first dubstep artist to headline on the main stage at TomorrowLand, and while he made a brand new set, it was on the safe side, and there's nothing wrong with that. His set features all your favourite Skrillex tracks as well as one I didn't recognize. Although this is only a 25 minute rip, it's far better than nothing.

Martin Solveig's set was insane. He's now officially on my list of DJs I'm desperate to see. This eight minute clip includes Solveig's hit, The Night out.

Next up is Zeds Dead, although I wanted to hear some of their set, it really wasn't streamed. Either way mad props to these guys for performing their set then flying straight back to Toronto to throw a crazy block party, nice little interview.

Now I don't care how old Fatboy Slim is, I saw his set live and he's still got it. His set had some killer edits and tracks in his set that caught me off guard and it's awesome. Enjoy his pre-set interview.

Last but not least is David Guetta. We all know that Guetta was one of the big pioneers of TomorrowLand and has been supporting it for a long time. His set was incredible, I watched all of it that was streamed and it didn't fail to disappoint. Some call him the father of TomorrowLand. As you see in this video, the magnitude of TomorrowLand is near incomprehensible. It truly is a three day city. As Guetta flew in over Afrojack's set I couldn't help but smile.

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