Monday, 2 July 2012

Mashed Monday #2

To kick off the second instalment of Mashed Monday I have the latest bootleg from 2F. These guys are so skilled and talented and you definitely need to check out some of their other stuff. This latest hit from them includes Flo Rida's Whistle and Third Eye Blind's Jumper. The bootleg also draws upon samples from Matisyahu and Akon.

Secondly, I found a crazy moomba mashup from Milo & Otis, the folks that brought us the crazy track Friendly City. This mashup has a really swinging moombathon vibe that I hope you all dig.

First of all I apologize for there not being too many mashups this week, that's more or less outta my control as I don't wanna put tracks into this segment that I don't really like, if I did I could make a giant post but I would feel like I'm simply trying to fill a quota instead of posting for the right reasons. Also, for the next week or two I've more or less handed over the reigns of T.D.T. to Hartley Robinson, he's a great writer and I know the blog is in fully capable hands.

Good people, good music, good times,

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