Thursday, 30 August 2012

Thursday's Thoughts #5

This week I talk about leaked Daft Punk information, and upcoming releases.
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It's no small news that rumours from a trustworthy source are saying that Daft Punk will be releasing an album and touring across Europe during the summer of 2013. The following conversation between EDM graphic designer "Aeriform" and the celebrity photographer, Oliver L'eroe. The conversation seems to add up considering the reports from back in June where american producer Nile Rodgers confirmed that he was indeed working on an album with Daft Punk with no release dates.

While I'm incredibly excited to hear that Daft Punk are back in the studio and that theres a good chance they'll be touring next summer, don't get your hopes up. There have been several "album covers" leaked of their new album most of them have different names. The one that I've seen the most of, however is titled No End.

While the album cover looks like something Daft Punk would use, lets not fool ourselves, that album cover would take less than an hour to make in Photoshop. In summary, I'd expect a Daft Punk album next year and possibly a tour.

While leaked information always builds up suspense for an announcement, and usually comes from the artist themselves, the people who gain this information by hacking and theft, I have no time for. If an artist wants to post news on an upcoming tour or release date, they will. If they haven't released a song, it's because its not finished and they're not done with it yet. A prime example is Professional Griefers, the track's instrumental was leaked about this time last year and Deadmau5 hadn't even added the vocals yet! We're constantly hearing of artist's hard drives being stolen, their property being messed with and hacked and copied. Besides being not cool and illegal, it's pretty stupid.

Now, I've been struggling to keep track of upcoming album releases and such so I put together a little schedule of sorts as these are gonna be some must haves as we head into the fall.

Release Date
Koan Sound
The Adventures of Mr. Fox
September 4th
Mad Liberation
September 4th
Armin van Buuren
Universal Religion Chapter 6
September 14th
Swedish House Mafia
Don’t You Worry Child
September 14th (Europe/Asia)
Swedish House Mafia
Don’t You Worry Child
September 18th (USA/Canada)
album title goes here
September 25th
Swedish House Mafia
Don’t You Worry Child
October 7th (UK)
Ellie Goulding
October 8th
The City (worldwide)
October 8th
October 9th
Dillon Francis
(unknown title)
November 5th

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