Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Dada Life- Feed The Dada: Remixes and Music Video

I posted the Feed The Dada single release yesterday, but already we have two remixes for the track as well as the music video.
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Shortly after the single dropped yesterday morning, we got an epic remix of the track from Dice Motion and this is an epic dubstep remix of the track. While I'm not a big fan of dubstep remixes this one I really enjoyed. The main thing I hate about dubstep remixes is when they're of a track that already is dubstep! Anyway, that doesn't apply here as the original track was electro house. Give the remix a listen and while there is no download or purchase yet, I'm sure it'll be on a remix EP soon.

The second remix here I posted the preview for last week so we already have a little taste of it, but here's the full version of Dyro's remix. The remix adds a new spin on the electro house banger.

Now on to the video, Dada Life's past videos have been a little on the odd side, and I'm mainly referring to their video for Rolling Stones T-Shirt. However this video while it doesn't tell a love story or anything of the sort, it keeps it simple and showcases the true power of EDM, the power to make you want to jump up and down and rage hard, which is a big part of anything to do Dada Life. The video suits Dada Life and that's what I love about it. It still has some good old Dada Life humour involving feeding the crazy duo bananas. This is the reason I love Dada Life, right here. Whenever I feel the need to listen to a strong track, the artists I go to are Dada Life. This video is bound to keep the catchy lyrics stuck in your head, so come on feed the da da da da da!

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