Thursday, 23 August 2012

Thursday's Thoughs #4

This week there's quite a few little topics to talk about including music videos, remix contests and more. 
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To start off, the music videos that have been coming out of late are nothing short of spectacular. The videos haven't been overly flashy and meaningless. 
Look at Porter Robinson's Langauge video, it was stunning but it made sense. The track was an epic, progressive track so we got a video that has beautiful cinematic scenery. 

Zedd followed suit with the video Spectrum, an electro love song translated into a video telling the story of forbidden love and aliens. 

Even the music videos for dubstep tracks make sense as we saw earlier this week with Kill The Noise's video.

 Knife Party also followed suit with Centipede which was an old school exterminator using a flame-thrower as the bass dropped to kill a bunch of creepy centipedes.

And last but not least was the teaser we got for Deadmau5' latest video, the video looks so cool and it really fits the track.

My mini rant basically come down to the fact that I'm glad artists aren't making crappy music videos of club scenes any more and it feels as if some kind of maturity has come about from it.

Next on the agenda is remix contests, and mainly the Spectrum one. Yes I realize I was meant to stop it with Spectrum posts but leave me be. Anyway, the winners for the Spectrum contest were announced the other day. Shreddie Mercury won the grand prize while Odyssey won the community pick. To be honest there were definitely better remixes out there, but whatever. These contests are meant to put a spotlight on a name nobody has heard of, and that's what it did. Within five minutes of winning, Shreddie Mercury's Facebook page got over 500 likes. While Shreddie isn't allowed to release his remix just yet, check back soon for when it is posted. In the meantime, feel free to head over here to browse all the remixes entered for the contest.

Now if you love listening to the radio as I do then you really have to listen to BBC Radio 1 on a Friday night, it's 12 hours of packed EDM. Some shows you definitely need to check out include Annie Mac, Pete Tong, and Skream & Benga. Annie Mac's show is a great mix to start off your weekend and it usually has a mini mix from really big names like Madeon, Steve Aoki, Foreign Beggars to name a few. Skream & Benga's segment is packed full of dubstep, drum n bass and is all around a great mix that's not just for bassheads. Seriously though, head over to BBC Radio 1's page and give it a listen.

Before we wrap it up theres something I wanted to show that caught my eye, it appears that Birdy Nam Nam and Skrillex will be working on a track together and if the remixes of Goin' In were any teaser I can't wait for this track.

If there's anything you disagree with, or argue, or want to add to comment, I'd love to get a discussion of sorts going here.

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