Sunday, 24 June 2012

How Pop is ruining EDM

While I'm on the subject of Axewll, I have another mini rant to go on. Flo Rida is really starting to piss me off. A lot. When he decided to rip off Levels and then massacre a really sick track, I was sorely dissapointed. This time I'm down right furious and have lost any respect I ever had for Flo Rida. He has taken Axwell's hit In My Mind. Flo Rida just went ahead and took last winter’s top tune behind the dumpster and slaughtered it mercilessly. Who is he trying to win over with this? The EDMheads who always wished for a 32 year old man to rap over one of their favorite songs? 

In general, I'm starting to worry about mainstream pop destroying EDM. The first major instance of this was David Guetta's latest album, Nothing But The Beat. It featured just about every artist in the Top 40, which was startling. It was the first album to feature that much of a crossover between EDM and Pop. However, Guetta released a podcast documentary for free on iTunes which talked about his inspirations for the album and his hopes for a relationship between EDM and Pop. There are really powerful words behind what Guetta talks about and you should really grab the podcast from iTunes.

However, Guetta's message seems to have come of the wrong way and I feel that it may be inspiring artists like Flo Rida to make a fool out of the EDM industry through his covers of In My Mind and Levels.

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