Monday, 25 June 2012

Deadmau5- The Veldt EP

This morning, Deadmau5 unveiled his latest EP. Inspired by the work of Ray Bradbury, the mau5 wrote and produced an uplifiting and euphoric track that lightly moves along.  Although Chris James’ lyrics fit the track’s inspiration, personally I would have preferred an instrumental edit.  Filling out the EP are remixes from Australian big room electro producer Tommy Trash and Freeform Five. And perhaps unexpected, he included a “gnarly bassy oldschool hiphop” collaboration with plant-enthusiast rap group Cypress Hill named Failbait. Anyone who followed the Mau5's series of streams back in February and March, when he was in his new Toronto penthouse studio will recognize these. The only thing that dissapoints in this EP is the lack of material. Mau5 released The Veldt as a single so I really didn't see the need for an EP with the original again, and two remixes that have been floating around blogs lately. He only put one other track on the EP, even one or two more tracks would have been nice, it just seemed like a lot of build up for only one new track when you look at the bare structure. However, the EP doesn't dissapoint and be sure to grab it from Beatport or iTunes.

The Veldt (Original)


The Veldt (Tommy Trash)

The Veldt (Freeform Five)

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