Sunday, 24 June 2012

EDM Update

If this is the first you are hearing of it, then it pains me greatly to inform you that the trio powerhouse Swedish House Mafia have announced that they are splitting up and going their separate ways. However, anybody who follows SHM closely knows this was almost bound to happen. The Mafia is more like three different producers under one roof, with no true flag to fly. No disrespect at all, but it doesn’t take three guys to make “One” or “Save The World”, each of them could have done that individually. If you saw the “Take One” documentary, you’d see how different these three are in terms of production methods, personalities, and egos. They make gorgeous music together, but I was honestly more shocked with Pendulum breaking up a week or so ago. It is a sad day for anyone in the EDM community and they will be sorely missed.

Also, there is the matter of the possible termination of Electric Daisy Carnival. Under heat from the law, the citizens, and the CEO himself, Insomniac is pegged into the corner and is getting rocked from all sides. First, they are still dealing with the legal and financial battle from the death of the Los Angeles minor, who was the driving force in moving EDC to the desert. To spare the details, they’re screwed. In addition, amongst more drug incidents as well as general discontent with the festival and its heads, the city of Las Vegas might be taking the ground from out under them. And with Pasquale Rotella, the Insomniac CEO, being quoted as saying “he’s done with the big acts”, it seems the EDC experience is all but over now. If it were to survive, it would be a much smaller, art-based festival featuring smaller acts and thereby a smaller budget. 

Finally, I'm sorry but there will be no more posts from me today. However, I have two massive posts to put out tomorrow so check back for those, you'll love them!

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